How many times have you wished you had a tool to check your sight bar and scope to verify nothing was damaged when someone accidentally knocked your bow over. In the past if you didn’t carry a bow vise with you, you were just out of luck. Well that just changed. Easy Axis can be easily carried in a side quiver or shooting stool on the shooting range and is designed to work equally well with or without a bow vise. Once you attach Easy Axis to your bowstring, the scope alignment can be quickly checked in the field in under a minute.

Easy Axis is a small, lightweight, easy to use 3-axis archery alignment tool that is redefining sight alignment tools in the archery world. There are lots of note worthy third axis archery alignment tools on the market today, however, Easy Axis has just set the bar one step higher. Other tools on the market may align only two axes and may need the assistance of a bow vise or an intermediate device to align the third axis. Easy Axis is a stand-alone alignment tool that helps establish the alignment of all three axes. The Easy Axis kit contains the (1) Easy Axis Tool, (1) Circular Bubble Level, (5) Rubber Bands, (1) Instructions Sheet and (1) Storage Bag. The kit easily fits into a side quiver or shooting chair to be carried onto the range for those unexpected emergency situations; like when the guy who is two points behind you “accidentally” knocks your bow over and it lands directly on the scope. Oops!!! Sorry Dude.


The Easy Axis 3 axis archery alignment tool is a product that was developed through many hours of research and a lot of effort. It is made from 5000 series anodized aluminum and has been individually bent and maintained to a maximum tolerance of four thousandth of an inch total indication. It is easily capable of producing accurate set ups of scopes and adjustable hunting sights on compound bows within one third of one degree, which by most industry standards would be considered “Dead Nuts”.

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